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Recalibration without warranty

Recalibration is possible once and is ideally recommended after the validity period of the initial calibration expires (after two years) and is preferably advised up to one year before the estimated end of the battery life.

You’ll find the corresponding details on the back of the device:

  • Estimated battery life
    Estimated battery-life-time
  • Calibration valid until
    Cal. valid until

Recalibration takes approximately four weeks and costs CHF 99.00 exclusive of VAT per device, plus CHF 15.00 for shipping and packing. During this time, we can offer you loaner devices to ensure uninterrupted temperature monitoring at your place of business. (In this case, an additional CHF 15.00 for shipping and packing is charged).

If you would like to have us recalibrate your devices, please complete and send us the form below.


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