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Since January 2018, all Bnova AG’s activities have been integrated into LucEnzo AG. In addition, our offices are now at a new location in St. Gallen in Industriestrasse. Despite these changes, we’re here for you as always: with top-quality services, dedicated expert advice and first-rate products.

Our certified storage and transport monitoring equipment guarantees continuous control of the entire supply chain. Take advantage of small quantities with attractive differential pricing.

Configure the right equipment for you.

Select between storage monitoring and transport monitoring.

Legal requirements and the safety of patients and consumers require the proper transport and correct storage of temperature-sensitive products. Our devices guarantee reliable storage and temperature monitoring and therefore the continuous monitoring of the entire supply chain. Depending on the intended use and legal (cantonal) requirements, devices are required to have either validation or calibration certificates.

Since January 2016 the international rules of Good Distribution Practice (GDP) apply in Switzerland. As part of the quality assurance process, GDP ensures that drug quality is preserved throughout the entire supply chain, including via the monitoring of the legally-required temperatures.


Validation offers the certainty that processes, methods or systems provide constant results according to established criteria. Calibration proves that instruments or devices provide results within defined limits. The decisive values are those obtained using a reference standard or reproducible standard via an appropriate sequence of measurements.

In cooperation with Berlinger + Co. AG, located in Ganterschwil, we upgrade temperature monitoring devices in accordance with the most recent official and market requirements. Our clients throughout Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein can collect the devices in our shop or via various additional sales channels.

Do you have any questions about our storage or transport monitoring products? We’ll be happy to advise you by phone or e-mail.

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