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Q-Tag® CLm doc LR

The Q-tag® CLm doc LR is a reusable data logger with USB interface for documented data evaluation. Connected to a PC/Mac, the device automatically generates a PDF file with the measured data including a temperature profile curve. No additional software is needed. A large memory capacity of 38,000 measuring points and a measurement interval range from 1 to 60 minutes offer maximum flexibility and temperature recording tailored to individual needs.

Overview of benefits:

  • Reusable data logger, individually programmable
  • Fast device identification upon arrival of the goods thanks to eye-catching label
  • Immediate and straightforward decision-making thanks to OK/ALARM indicator
  • USB interface for straightforward data reading with no additional software installation
  • Detailed, easy to understand PDF report with temperature profile curve
  • Large memory capacity

    We offer the Q-Tag® CLm doc LR on request:

    Important aspects, such as the type and duration of transportation, product characteristics etc., have to be defined for device programming. A small quantity surcharge of CHF 250.00 applies for orders of up to 20 units.

    Q-tag® CLm doc LR

    Can be configured by yourself

    Technical specification
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    Instructions for use
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    Quick Info
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    Tiered pricing (net of VAT) for devices with validation certificate*

    1-4 units: CHF 90.00 each
    5-9 units: CHF 76.70 each
    10-49 units: CHF 67.90 each
    50 units and upwards: CHF 62.30 each

    Tiered pricing (net of VAT) for devices with calibration certificate*

    1-4 units: CHF 155.00 each
    5-9 units: CHF 141.70 each
    10-49 units: CHF 132.90 each
    50 units and upwards: CHF 127.30 each

    *Within the same temperature range, the order quantities are accumulated regardless of the language and certificate, with billing according to the corresponding price tier.

    Packaging and shipping
    CHF 15.00 plus VAT at 7.7%

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